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Fat Loss 1 from NROL is kicking my butt

October 10, 2008

Motivation prior to workout: medium to medium high. I did my warm up even though I hate the warm up. I had to wait forever for a song on the radio rather than the ads. Who can warm up when someone is offering to buy up all your limitless unwanted gold supply? Let me go get my gold blocks I buried out in the backyard…

Randomly, I think I want to whiten my teeth, but I think I need to stop drinking soda first. I like soda. And sugar, even sugar packets. Yum.

So the song I get stuck warming up to is called “Better in Time”. It sucks.

After the warm up I start my first superset. Deadlifts and incline bench press with dumbells. I added 5 lbs to my bar. I need to add slowly because of my awful grip strength. I made all reps without dropping the bar.

Superset 2 is one I hate. It has Bulgarian split squats and anything that is split or has lunges I hate because you do one leg forward and do the other forward to complete the set and it seems like you did two when really it was only one. And it takes more time. I also did alternate grip lat pull downs for this set on resistance 7. My cable thingey doesnt have a weight to it exactly. It’s sort of an interesting machine, but it gets the job done. I only need to know exactly what the weight is if I want to show off, right?

Random thought again: My heart rate monitor watch sucks. It’s one of those without the strap around the chest and it’s supposed to take your heart rate if you put two fingers on the face of the watch on these two metal strips while holding down a button. Well I can hold that button down for 20 to 30 seconds when I really need my heart rate and it doesn’t read. I can hold it down for 5 seconds when I don’t want my heart rate and just want to complain about my watch, then it works. ARG

Superset three is romanian deadlifts and ball lateral rolls, but I used a captains chair instead of a ball and did single knee to chest with rotation. I was too lazy to bring my ball downstairs. Yeah, I want to work out but I want to be lazy about it. I couldn’t complete all my reps of the romanian deadlift because my awful grip strength. I took a longer rest between set two and three and was able to finish a couple more reps before my hands gave up on me. Next week I don’t have to do as many reps so I’ll be able to increase my weight a bit more.

Lastly of course, I beat my heavy bag. My hands were sweaty from being inside my gloves, not that the rest of me wasnt, but those gloves get sweaty. My knuckles are all red but the skin is intact. I think my third finger is going to bruise.

Okay, time for shake and shower, if I can stand that long.

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