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Weight lifting, boxing, fun.

October 8, 2008

Well, I’m in my gym. Unmotivated, but it’s gotta get done. Don’t like the numbers the scale gives me or the body fat % it reads. Did a real warm up, sort of. 4 min of things from New Rules of Lifting, chapter 7 I think. I have minimal low back pain today. It’s there, by all means, but not bad. Very tight hamstrings today, too.

Super Set 1: not bad. Made it through.
Super Set 2: kiler… pushpress and at much less weight than what I was at 6 months ago. Very sad.
Superset 3: Did I mention I hate lunges? or anything split? Makes me feel like I’m doing extra work, though I guess that is why I’m hanging out in my basement with my cat anyway.

All in all, 50 min but I took longer to set up my new equipment. Think my time will be less next time around because now I know how to adjust it. And I did some stretches that I didn’t do last time.

Next… my bag. 5 min moderate, followed by my 3×3, and cooldown. No, I’m not trying to kill myself, just my fat cells.

Notes to self: Sweaty… Hot… Shakey… Feel Great.

Now time for my protien shake :).

For my protien shake I used a few different brands. Finally trying the GNC brand in Strawberry. I like it because it’s fine and mixes well and not too clumpy. If you like milk, it would probably taste great. However I think milk is disgusting and when I tried it with milk, I wanted to puke. Mixed it with water for ages and it’s not bad that way. Not really good either. Better than most or I would have moved on to another product, though. But now I have the ultimate goodness from my protien shake. Mixing my strawberry GNC powder with Light Raspberry Passion by Minute Maid is great. Try it, I promise it doesn’t even taste bad. I suprised myself the first time I tried this mix. I was afraid, I’ll admit it, I was ready for disaster. It actually tasted good! So if you’re looking for a protein powder that packs taste along with protien, try this mix with the Raspberry Passion.

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  1. October 13, 2008 3:25 AM

    My back pain has decreased as I’ve continued to lift this past week and a half 🙂

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