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October 8, 2008

So, I’m not so fit anymore. A while back I got really into weight lifting and dropped 17.5 lbs in, oh, about 6 months. I was down to 122.5. Then some lifechanging things occured and her I am, new city, new house, new jobs (yes plural on purpose), and back in college. AND back up to 135.5 lbs as of last Sunday (two days ago in the AM completely naked).

Some history… I spent a couple years at: 137. So I joined a gym and ran on a treadmill repeatedly each week and after months and months of continuous visits I weighed… wait for it… 137 lbs. I tried dieting, eating healthy, anything that was supposed to help. And nothing did. I tried a fruit only diet, which while yummy, didn’t help my waist at all. I love strawberries :). I’d do that one again for fun. I stopped eating meat because all the reports say vegetarians are thinner (and because I really just dont like meat). I focused on getting enough protien through alternate means. I probably never ate more protien than I did when I was a vegetarian. Or more carbs. Now I eat chiken, but that’s a tangent. After my experiment with being a vegetarian, I was up another three pounds! Which brings us to…

140. So at 140 lbs I was ready to give up. But then I started to do push ups, squats,  and lunges. I added things in with my 15 lb weights like rows and stuff. I started slipping down a pound or two here and there. And those pound or two here and there were without getting very sweaty at all. But the exercises started getting easy. And boring. So I found some sites online and found this wonderful guy named Steve who said to get a bench, squat rack, and a bar with some weights to start out. So I did. Which led me to a loss of 17.5 lbs in less than 6 months. Which I gained most of it back in less than six months as well :). Now don’t get me wrong, I was lifting 3-5 lbs weights all the time with some of those cardio workouts that really got me sweaty and my heart rate up but did nothing for the number on the scale or the body fat percent. 

During the time from starting to lift weights till the end I did no deiting and occasional calorie counts. I ate whatever I wanted which included McD’s on Sunday and doughnuts at lunch time. The only thing I watched was my protien intake to rebuild the muscle I broke down.

So that brings us up to last week :).

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