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New Equipment

October 8, 2008

No workout today. Just went out and bought some new equipment. I needed a thingey to do lat pulldowns with. I went to my favorite store, Dicks, and they had one but I’d have to buy a bench to attach it to and then it didn’t have an adapter for rows or anything. So I went to my third favorite store, 2nd Wind here in GB. They had this machine (and I’m not a fan of machines)… you stand on it and it uses your body weight, or a percentage of it or even greater than body weight, to do stuff. I wont be able to determine how much weight I’m using, but then, I’m doing this at home and I’m not trying to show off. Also, I figure, instead of standing on the platform or sitting on the seat, I can put weights onto the seat or platform and use it that way for the things I need to do that would require me to not be so close to the machine. (side note, I did seated rows with it today. I sat on the floor with the resistance on 10 and no weights on the machine and I just about had a heart attack to finish my third set). It doesn’t require limited planes of motion. The bars and straps are all interchangable to three different hookup points. Total cost, little less than 300. And I’m in love with it :). I also rearranged my basement gym. My husband said our basement looks less and less like a cool hangout everytime I bring something new home. Started with my heavybag a few weeks back. Then dumbells (for quite a steal). My set will be from 5-60 lb pairs at 5 lb increments all for less than 550 dollars. I just have to wait for half my set to come in because they’re at another location. I picked these all up at 2nd Wind as well. They are great with customer service though they do talk about working those triceps… Isolating movements are not on my agenda.

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