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10-5-08, Heavy Bag is my new love.

October 8, 2008

Notes taken during workout:

Have headache. Decreased motivation to start
Need to do a five min warm up, 3×3 sets, 5 min cooldown on my heavy bag after lifting. Superset one done in 13 min which includes set up. Superset one is deadlifts and incline press taken from the Fat Loss One program from New Rules of Lifting by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cossgrove. Moved on to the next superset which took 12 min but that has the split squat so takes a bit longer anyway. Last set, lost some steam and couldn’t finish the ball lateral roll of all things. So easy to do, but I was wiped. Also couldn’t finish my romanian deadlifts because my hands could no longer hold the bar. My legs could have taken another few reps or even another 20 lbs, but my hands… no grip strength left after all that.

Moving onto my heavybag with my pretty pink gloves from Dicks Sporting Goods. The pink gloves kind of suck. They’re a little tight on the left in the fingers and the bar on the right glove seems a bit to far forward. But oh well, they’re mass produced. Liked the gloves I had before better, but they’re long gone. No clock down here to time my sets and my watch will be covered by my glove or to small to see the numbers if I take it off and hang it up. Going with stepping away from the bag occasionally to see the watch…

17 min later… my five min cooldown became a three minute cool down because during each 3×3 it’s one min intense and two minutes at a medium pace so I took my two minutes and ran it right into my cooldown. Hands are shakey and it’s time for a protien shake.

Notes to self: Headache is gone and no tired feeling left. Also, I love my bag.

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