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Ages ago…

December 12, 2007

Ages ago I wrote a post to this blog. So, I’m writing again. Only because I feel like I should because one of my posts has gotten quite a bit of attention. It’s about a day that I was very very frustrated with my daughter.

 I just wanted to restate that sometimes parents do get angry at their kids and that it’s okay. Some parents would like to toss their kid out a window (raising hand here). We don’t do it, we’re not abusive, we just have thoughts sometimes that aren’t voiced very often. Honestly, I think more people have negative thoughts about their kids than admit to having negative thoughts. I only know one person in my day to day life that has admitted to negative feelings about her kids. One. That’s it. I do however know older adults who have admitted to at some time or another hated or severly disliked one or more of their children now that the children are adults and out of the home.

We are made to feel like we MUST love our children every moment of every day. Well, I’m not going to tell anyone that you must love your child every moment.

I will tell you or anyone who is reading, you can be and probably are a good parent DESPITE having terrible thoughts about your child(ren).

And I think anyone who claims to love every moment of their child’s life and never get angry is either on too many happy pills or is just downright crazy.

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  1. Ms.Martyr permalink
    December 14, 2007 4:27 AM

    I am so so so glad that I found this page! I cry all the time because I feel so guilty and torn over the negative feelings I have towards my children! I want to scream and holler sometimes. I feel overwhelmed with the magnitude of the negative feelings I have. Honestly, I was unprepared to experience such internal emotional conflict with respect to my children. On one hand, I can lay down my life for them and simultaneously feel intense hatred for them. It is such a challenge to reconcile the two. I feel terrible sometimes. I realized one day that God understands. I

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