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My neice!

January 24, 2007

I have fish on my counter on the kitchen island. I promise it doesn’t look funky! Anyway, our fish have about 30 babies and my neice really likes to watch them. The babies are in the beta’s tank because the babies are beta food. The other fish are in our regular tank. So Ash likes to sit on the counter and watch the fish. Only problem is- she’s two. So I need to be right there with her. Well, apparently she doesn’t like that idea! We spend about five minutes at a time up there then I do what I gotta do. So I had just brought her down and changed her diaper and put her in jammies. Figured I’d take five to check my email and what does my cute little neice do!??! She goes in my daughters room (she’s at her dad’s tonight) and goes through the obstacle course to get my daughters desk chair (kid size chair). Manages to pull the chair through my daughters junk and brings the chair out to the kitchen so she can attempt to make the climb on her own! Only problem for her is that I caught her! Asked her to put the chair away…. she put her head down all sad like. Then, ask her again and she cries! Oh jeesh! Tell her to put the chair away and I’ll help her to look at the fish. But, alas, rational arguments do not work with two year olds!

Just thought it was cute how she managed to drag that chair out and had the thought process to figure out how she could get up there without me. Kids at two definitely understand the purpose of a chair when aunty isn’t looking!

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