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it’s a new year

January 2, 2007

and I dont care. ha.

Okay, i care. a little.

But right now I’m tired and bored and home alone. Yes home alone. So if you want to rob me come in the next half hour. Then Josh will be home and I wont be alone anymore. But I’ll probably still be bored. I could put my clothes away, but that’s just as boring as sitting here. Maybe even more boring than sitting here. I could take a bath, but I dont feel like reading and I dont dare bring my laptop in the bathtub with me (though I’ve contemplated it numerous times). (When will they make a waterproof puter?).

Work was good today. We actually had enough people on the schedule today. But one girl quit yesterday rather than coming to work drunk or calling in for the day. So, basically, that means I get to pick up a couple more days next week. And I really dont want to but I feel bad not picking up the days if there’s no one else to cover them and I’m just sitting on my fat arse anyway.

So I haven’t seen Debbie for a bit. I miss her :). We NEED to get together one of these days. SOON!!!

And my sister wants to go out next Thursday. I think she’ll cancel, but it would be nice to go out again soon. Maybe I can dance off one of these excess pounds.

I suppose that’s all. Unless when you come to rob my house you bring me more rainbow sherbet.

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