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my grandma

October 27, 2006

My grandma is supposed to move in with my mom soon, when my grandpa passes (which is likely to be very soon).

But we found out today (myself about 40 min ago) that she has had a stroke. Right now, left side paralysed. Right now, full nursing care needed. Right now, not able to fly up here and live mostly independently with my mom and stepfather (they work, so she’d be home alone during the morning/afternoon- well, mom will be there but she works third so she needs to sleep hence cant take care of my grandma 24/7).

She is able to speak and her paralysis on the left may improve over the next couple days. And she may learn to compensate for what paralysis is left. But until she’s independent with daily stuff (brushing teeth, going potty) she wont be able to stay alone at my mom’s.

I’d really rather have her here where I can know what kind of care she’s getting. But getting here she can’t do until she’s stable. And she doesn’t want to leave until my grandfather passes anyway. And I guess he’s lucky he has her because none of the rest of us much care what happens to him. Wont drag all that drama into here now, but rather shorty will say, he was never a good person.

So I was looking for flights for my mom to get there. Her mom, though not stable, is not critical. She’s likely to pull through. So it’s not likely my mom will get off work to even get there if her mom is going to make it. It just sucks.

I think I’m deciding to never live more than a couple hours from my daughter. My mom is freaking out right now and really none of us can do anything about it.

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  1. Christine permalink
    October 29, 2006 9:36 PM

    I hope everything has been ironing itself out….

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