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and another one right away to make up for lost time…

September 27, 2006

The last few weeks I’ve really been contemplating having a baby. Especially since an evil picture of a cute baby is up on a blog I stalk!!! But no, really… The idea of a kid is great. I’m thinking maybe I could teach the next one Latin earlier than I’m teaching it to Karma. That the next one I could teach physics to before kindergarden starts…

Having a baby is a really nice thought if I block out the having to change diapers for two years, possibly more. And not sleeping through the night for a few weeks. And when I forget how much day care costs. And when I dont recall how tired I get sometimes even now without a baby here and how I wouldnt be able to take a nap at pm on a Saturday with a baby. And how I would have to spend all that effort taking care of someone elses needs.

So, even though having a baby would be really really inconvenient for me, sometimes I’d really like one anyway. But when I have my neice, about 8pm, I’m wishing someone were here to take over for me and I only babysit a few nights a week.

I’m afraid that a real baby wouldn’t live up to my expectations. And my expectations are quite high. Just ask Karma… I’m teaching her Chemistry right now and she’s only 8. Wanted to do physics first, but settled for chemistry. Just the basics so far.

Really, I dont want a baby, I want the idea of a baby.

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  1. Christine permalink
    September 27, 2006 10:36 PM

    *sigh* You are probably right.

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