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I might be the worlds most evil mom, but…

August 5, 2006

Last night I was babysitting my neice and nephew. No biggie there. Put my neice to sleep about 8:30. Few minutes later, told the other two to brush their teeth and get jammies and get to bed. In bed by nine. Go in there ten min later, tell them absolutely no more talking. (adding: Even had them put their heads at opposite ends) Since they see each other nearly every day, this should not have been a big deal.

I go to bed. Put in my ear plugs. They must have wispered for a while. Half hour later, I start hearing odd noises with the ear plugs in. It brings me back to conciousness and I notice my neice is now awake. Noises stop, I attempt to fall asleep again. Noises start, whatever steps I had taken toward sleep… Lost. But then noises stop again. Start, stop, start, stop. Finally I take out the ear plugs. It’s them SINGING! For fucks sake, you’d think they’d try to be quiet!

So course, go in there threaten to fill up a garbage bag if I so much as think I hear one more noise.

But I’m still dead tired right now. And upset. So Karma got to get up with me today. I’m leaving her today as much sleep as she felt considerate to leave me last night. She’s doing homework, then has a list of chores to do while I’m at work. By the time she’s done, her dad should be here to pick her up. No sleep for her either. Phbtt.

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