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Dog Food

July 11, 2006

It really started by thinking about gerbils and gerbil food. I was reading this health magazine and there’s this new cereal that looks just like gerbil food. I knew it would happen. Someday our food would start to take the shape of the food we feed our animals.

So I got to thinking what would it be like to have to eat like a dog or cat? I dont mean by not using our hands, I mean by having to eat this processed crap that probably tastes like shit and never having anything else. I wonder how healthy we’d all be if we were forced (like our pets) to eat a single type of food our entire lives that was specifically designed for us. I wonder how many people would kill themselves if they could only eat that crap and never again taste ice cream… I might be one of them…

I guess I started thinking about this because of that stupid gerbil food looking cereal, but also because I’ve replaced my protien drink with a protien bar instead. And if you’ve ever eaten a chocolate bar that wasn’t really chocolate but whey protien instead, you know it doesn’t taste a darn thing like chocolate. And then maybe, like me, you wonder if this is what dog food tastes like. Maybe that’s what “human food” would be made from, tons and tons of whey protien. I suppose we’d get used to it. Well, get used to it or starve to death.

But would it really be that bad if everyone ~had~ to eat a specifically designed food for humans? It would taste horrid so we’d only eat when we were hungry. Can you imagine going to the movies and ordering a large bag of dog chow rather than popcorn? No soda in existence, like our dogs, we’d drink only water after getting out of our puppy stages… So large bag of chow and tall glass of water for that movie. Sounds good, eh?

It would suck. But then, maybe I wouldnt be overweight.

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  1. Christine permalink
    July 11, 2006 10:35 PM


  2. Christine permalink
    July 11, 2006 10:42 PM

    Hey.. I heard you have pics and didnt share them with me. Now I need to cry. Send me pics. I should have been first to see! Boo HISS on you! *mad face*

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