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Some Authors suck.

June 26, 2006

6-25-06But the last Harry Potter book was good (ya know, the one I just read ;).

Though some of her characters exhibit similar patters, it's not nearly as obviously as icky higgins

So sometimes I ignore life and just read for hours and hours and hours and, well, honestly, sometimes I read for days. No, not one book. I can only currently read about 900 wpm with great comprehension, used to be better. So it's a book a day typically. And I'm sick of the books I have because the used bookstore closed and I hate getting them from the library.But my sister has found this author that she just LOVES. <insert sarcasm to be explained later>. This WONDERFUL author is Mary Higgins Clark. Though I could not write a book myself because I'd get so sidetracked (as you can see from my blogposts, a novel would never make it), I do know a good author when I read it. It's how I know Stephen Kings new books (last 5 – 10 years) are for the most part useless. And it's how I know that shoving my thumb up my own butt would be more intertaining than reading Mz. Higgins-Clark! She has a wholly obvious lack of creativity. Her characters follow similar patters in the books I have read so far. And this last one… I'll disect here :).

It's called Two Little Girls In Blue. It sucks. And my sister bought it in hardcover EEK!

Briefly, two twins are kidnapped, only one is returned. The other is "believed" dead.

The people behind this kidnapping all have similar stories. All have had some "dark" deed in their past. One killed his ex wife. Another was a womanizer who just wanted money. Yet another was a con-artist and happened to be the uncle of the two girls. Yet another was screwed by the con-artist uncle and worked with the girls dad. See, all these people "involved" and not one of them a normal everyday kind of person. Not one person who you wouldn't "suspect". Which of course "add's to the drama, eh?" Well, nope. It doesnt. It makes the book suck. The book draws you over to the left, then the right, then up, then down… It doesn't focus in on any one topic really. The kidnapping is almost made a sideline.

And then the people involved in the actually kidnapping we meet pretty much up front. And one of them used to be a driver to one of the people who might be "behind" the kidnapping. There are other links as well between them. But I digress…

Then there's the constant "mistakes". The "barely" capturing the criminals because the police didn't follow leads… random crap like that. Then the one twin (rescued one) says her twin is alive and in
Cape Cod. Everyone ignores her. Then they say in front of her (since now everyone believes the other twin to be alive) that they just wish they knew where she was. The other twin says
Cape Cod
again. They're all like… oh if we had only known that yesterday… blah blah blah blah. Overall, the book sucks. And I wasted a whole night reading it when I could have been jacking off with my thumb up my butt. Yay.(and I will work on figuring out how to add comments 🙂 )2006-06-26 01:24:10 GMTComments: 0 |Permanent LinkEntry for June 25, 20066-3-06

I was thinking about the bible again the other day. I was reading a thread and a lady had said something about following the laws written by man (constitution and laws of the state, ect) only after following the laws written by god.Well, last I checked, the bible was actually written by… ahem… man. Even if the bible was inspired by the hand of god, it was still written by men. It's unlikely that women wrote it. With all the stoning of women going on, I feel it quite unlikely that women had any hand in the bible. Even if the bible was inspired by god (then assuming that he does in fact exist), the bible was still Influenced my men.

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